New Homes 

Whether building a custom home for a client or a future buyer, Pondview Construction puts the same care and dedication into the project that they would if they were building a home for themselves.  By having established strong, consistent relationships with our subcontractors and material suppliers, we are able to provide quality construction materials and workmanship in virtually every component of our homes from the foundation up to the roof top.  We don't believe in cutting corners and want it done right the first time.  It is our feeling that "if it isn't good enough for our homes, then it isn't good enough for yours."

Some builders say "out of sight, out of mind", but here at Pondview Construction the hidden features of a home are equally as important as those features you can see and no detail is overlooked.  The features inside a Pondview Construction home are not of the usual “builder grade” and we pride ourselves in meeting  or exceeding the Massachusetts Building Codes.  All of Pondview Construction’s new homes come with upgraded baths, kitchens with granite, and hardwood floors.  We offer a one year warranty on all of our new homes.

We are confident that as you learn more about the value and quality of our homes, Pondview Construction will emerge as your first choice among builders.

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